Our Vision

3D4E seeks to spread 3D printing as an effective method for prototyping and fabricating designs across a wide range of majors. In addition, we pride ourselves on developing the teamwork and problem-solving skills of our members.

Our Story

3D4E was founded by brothers Kendall and Evan Modiste in 2013 at their respective colleges. Kendall founded one of the original branches here at SDSU, and we have continued advancing the 3D printing capabilities of our members ever since.

Meet the Team

We're a small but dedicated executive board committed to educating all manner of students on 3D printing and design techniques. Our top priority is to create ample opportunities and provide a solid learning environment for our members

Brandon Gomez Zoon


Brandon is a second year mechanical engineering major, and specializes as our primary 3D printer technician.

Mitchell Mahowald

Vice President

Mitchell is a third year mechanical engineering student and represents our club at the College of Engineering Student Council.

Joshua Murray


Josh is a second year mechanical engineering student and specializes in project management.